Sunday, 20 March 2022

Into Smoke

 June 1918: Les Taylor and his wife Dolly Grey, plan the biggest jewellery heist in Melbourne's history, and intertwine this with a scheme to expand their gang.  In early 1919, Spanish Flu hits Australia, putting 16 year old Lilly Kelly out of work.  When Dolly arranges a meeting with the Fitzroy gang but is mistreated, Les launches retaliation which realises his ambition.  Lilly crosses paths with Les and Dolly and soon becomes friends with the now well-known gangster and his wife.

Les Taylor is more of a thinker and a planner, but it isn't until one evening when Les dances with the young Ida 'Babe' Pender, and Ida becomes Les's girl, that his true nature is revealed.  With Ida's encouragement, Les becomes ever more audacious.  When Les and Ida go 'into smoke' Les becomes a city-wide folk hero.  Meanwhile Lilly Kelly, friends with Les and Ida, has her own problems to deal with.

Into Smoke is a story of love and soulmates, tragedy too, set in a time of great change.

Into Smoke has everything going for it: place, time, characters, story, and plot threads that make you think. Recommended – five stars. Alice Pickard – author.

Into Smoke has the hallmarks of a mature author who's confident with his craft, including realistic characters, being both good and flawed, a fast-moving plot, and touching upon multiple themes which is a characteristic of Mark Morey's writing. Kate Baldwin – author.

Into Smoke is one of the best novels I've ever read. Owen Green - author 

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Monday, 15 November 2021


Australia's Wild West, wilder than anywhere in the world.  Amidst thousands of outlaws over many decades, one stands proud: Fred Ward or Captain Thunderbolt, the gentleman bushranger.  Forced into a life of crime by circumstances, Thunderbolt had a code of honour: be courteous, use minimal violence, only steal from the rich and never steal from ladies.  For seven years Thunderbolt evaded the authorities, helped by the ordinary people of western New South Wales who saw him as one of their own.  Just as remarkable is Thunderbolt's girlfriend Mary.  Raising his children, scouting hold-up locations and even riding with Fred as his lookout.  The police, unable to apprehend Thunderbolt, targeted Mary instead, but always she went back to her man.  The story of Fred and Mary Ward even though outlaws, is a story of love, honour and decency.

Thunderbolt covers many years of Fred Ward or Captain Thunderbolt's life, and much of his outlaw life, making for a sweeping and exhilarating story the likes of which I've never come across before.  You must read this story - five stars.  Alice Pickard – author.

Read Thunderbolt for action, adventure, excitement, love and romance, it has it all.  Chloe Newman – author.

Once I started reading Thunderbolt, I couldn't put it down.  Cody White - author

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Monday, 10 May 2021


The year 2020 is marked by bushfire, pandemic and political upheaval in Australia.  Canberra-based fashion photographer Matt Taylor can't believe his luck when he comes across indigenous model Asha Reid – kind and mature beyond her years.  Luke Monk and his wife Alice have such grave concerns about the newly-elected Australian Prime Minister that they recruit followers to their cause.  In Canberra, a capital city more like a small town, Matt and Asha, and Luke and Alice, are set on a collision course which results in national and personal tragedies.  This is made worse when those who caused such harm simply disappear when the nation needs justice.  Will justice be done or justice be denied?


In my opinion this unusual spy story mixed with romance and fashion photography is a must-read for 2021.  Five stars.  Mary Parks – author.


Interesting story, well-drawn and believable characters, especially the terrorists, what more could a reader want?  Five stars.  Chloe Newman – author.


Overreach is a great story, no question.  Joshua Beck - author


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Friday, 8 January 2021

Burrangong Creek

Young, population 7,170, straddling Burrangong Creek.  Small town Australia.  Orderly, peaceful and struggling.  Jack, his partner Jessica and Jessica's daughter SopYhie move into Young, recruiting young Josh on the way.  There they ignite a drug war beyond the capabilities of Young police to control.  Senior Constable Luke Scott tries his best, but as this war becomes ever more dangerous, Luke's best might not be enough.

I got drawn into the lives, loves and many problems of the characters of this remarkable story and literally could not put it down.  Recommended!  Chloe Newman – author.

Full credit to the author for producing a uniquely outstanding novel. Five stars.  Alice Pickard – author.


What a story – amazing!  Leon Hayes - author

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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Across The Border

Detective-Sergeant Shui Nuan goes undercover in the nightclubs of her home city, Guangzhou China, to be recruited by triad gangs manufacturing the drug methamphetamine or ice.  Only Nuan doesn't realise her taskforce is infiltrated by the gang she's investigating..

Ma Thi Mai is a young Vietnamese girl abducted into China, first into a fake marriage before being swallowed by organised crime in Guangzhou.  Mai despairs of her future as much as Nuan is unaware of the danger she's in.

Police investigations never travel in straight lines, especially when an undercover operation turns deadly and a teenage girl is trafficked across the border.

The stark realism of Across the Border sets it apart from any crime story I've ever read.  Definitely a must-read.  Ann Reed – author.

Across the Border is fascinating, no question, using well-developed and interesting characters in an exotic setting, with a surprising but also satisfying outcome.  Surely one of the great crime fiction stories of all time.  Kate Baldwin  – author.

Like its predessor Ice, Across The Border is a crime story like no other. Michael Garrick - author.

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Saturday, 8 February 2020


Newly graduated from the People's Public Security University in Beijing, police sergeant Shui Nuan returns to her home city of Guangzhou.  There she is appointed to Office 1.10; tasked to take out the leadership of the triad gangs who manufacture the drug methamphetamine or ice.  Real-world policing is vastly different to university studies, while finding love proves to be almost as challenging.  But when Nuan comes face to face with her best friend, now a mistress to a triad gangster, her troubles have only just begun.

Read this story Ice because it does more than investigate a crime.  Ice takes you on a journey to a far away place, it immerses you into a both modern and ancient culture, while the story twists and turns, and suffers setbacks and danger.  Five stars – my book of this year.  Ann Reed – author.

For those who like crime stories with a difference, for those who like exotic and interesting stories, or for those who simply like good stories, I can't recommend Ice highly enough.  Kate Baldwin – author.

Five brilliant stars, a story like none other! – Michael Garrick, author

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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Wenge - Destroy The Old!

May 25. 1966 and Peking University is abuzz.  First year student Yang Fan follows the crowd to see a big-character poster denouncing those not supporting the Cultural Revolution.  Fan, the daughter of a revolutionary hero, gets swept up in Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution as she struggles counterrevolutionaries, targets revisionists in their homes, and attacks Confucianism as the worst of the four olds.  But like all Red Guards, protagonist becomes victim as the tables are turned on Fan; leaving her to ponder what she did and what might have been.

I was totally blown-away by Wenge - Destroy the Old! - Mary Parks, author

Amazing! - Ryan Gray, author

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