The Last Great Race Pictures

Achille Varzi and Norma Colombo
Achille Varzi and Tazio Nuvolari
Varzi shows the strain of winning at Monaco in 1933
Varzi winning the 1934 Grand Prix di Montreaux in an Alfa Romeo Tipo B
Varzi winning the 1935 Coppa Acerbo in an Auto Union Typ B
Ilse Pietsch lap scoring for Auto Union in 1935

Varzi wins at Libya in 1936, with Marshal Balbo to his right
Varzi's wrecked Auto Union at Tunisia, 1936
Achille and Ilse at San Remo in 1937
Achille and Norma marry in 1940
Naples Air Raid Damage in 1944
Achille Varzi racing at Geneva in an Alfa Romeo Tipo 158, finishing 7th with car problems
20,000 pay their respects - Galliate 1948

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