Blood Never Sleeps

In the chaos of the Syrian Civil War, three individuals see their lives dramatically changed by the rise of Islamic State. Young Adnan Richie and his wife Ranim have their lives turned to hell when Islamic State wins control of Raqqa. Kurdish schoolgirl Sarya Goran joins the Kurdish Women's Militia; determined to defeat Islamic State before they bring their cruelty to her home province of Rojava.

Blood Never Sleeps is about ordinary people dealing with Islamic State in different ways, to eventually converge on Raqqa for that final, dramatic, confrontation.
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In Our Memories

By August 1915, the Armenian residents of the city of Urfa know they have few options.  With little to lose they wage war on the Ottoman Army for two months, despite being outnumbered eight to one.  Defeat is inevitable, after which Anoush Hagopian, one of the survivors of the Women's Brigade, gathers her mother and her children for their deportation to Aleppo.  This is one family's story of loss, suffering, and eventually justice
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No Darkness

What started as a work posting to Zimbabwe with his African girlfriend, becomes a life and death struggle against the forces of despot Robert Mugabe.  Michael Page had no idea that a simple misunderstanding would have such tragic consequences.  This is a story set in one of the poorest countries in Africa, where a tyrant deliberately destroys his own country in order to retain power and control.

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The Adulterous Bride




Many noble daughters of Venice are consigned to abbeys for want of a dowry.  In 1426, Filipa Barbagio is sent to San Nicolai di Torcello, where she enjoys the hedonistic lifestyle available to her, until a major scandal at that abbey rocks Venetian society to the core.  This is a story of what happened.

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The Last Great Race - Historical Fiction


Achille Varzi: one of the most successful of time, hero to his followers, worshipped by the women in his life, driven to succeed.  Told partly through the eyes of Varzi and partly by fictional Italian-Australian racing journalist Paul Bassi, we follow the many triumphs and tragedies of Varzi's life: his passionate love affair with Ilse, his tragic morphine addiction, his recovery from his addictions, his marriage to Norma and his re-signing to race for Alfa Romeo.

Only war intervenes, and the story moves to life in Italy as it is bombed by the Allies, and then surrenders to help the Allies defeat fascism.  By 1946 Italy is still shattered but life is returning to normal, and no more normal is Achille Varzi winning once more.  We follow his many successes until the end of his career, and we all know that he never would have lived in his life in any other way.

It has a wonderful cast of characters, array of nationalities, wonderful places and the cars are so sensual.  Even a non-racing enthusiast can follow the action and get caught up in it.  Bravo! – Rhonda Swayda author

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One Hundred Days - Historical Fiction

In 1917, the mud of Flanders soaked up the blood of a quarter of a million men.  If the war continued like that, the Allies would lose.  One battle turned that around and was the beginning of a hundred days of advances to victory.  This is a story about how that was done.

Two Australian soldiers experience the last two years of the Great War.  Martin Ward is a lieutenant working alongside Major-General John Monash, and he sees the transition from slaughter at Passchendaele to breaching the Hindenburg Line.  Alec Morey is a gunner severely injured in Flanders, and he returns to Australia to watch on in amazement as the Australian Imperial Force plays the major role in victory.

This is a fictional account of a story not well known; using real events, fictional characters and real-life characters to tell the tale of how the Great War was won.

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Maidens in the Night - Historical Fiction

Widowed at seventeen, Mary Kelly takes to the streets to earn a living.  Strikingly attractive, strong-willed and stubborn, Mary battles many obstacles just to survive.  Michelle Finlay, the driving force behind a refuge for prostitutes, attempts to help Mary but she is turned down every time.  With Jack the Ripper on the loose and someone dangerous stalking Mary, what are her chances?

Set in Wales, Edinburgh and the Whitechapel district of London from 1880 through 1888, this is a story of a young woman like many other women at the time, with few choices in life beyond existence.  Michelle Finlay knows this and she helps as many young prostitutes as she can, but she cannot help them all.

“I loved the way you brought this woman to life, weaving in the facts of her life and really made her real. I truly enjoyed this work!!” Traci Webber - Reviewer.

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The Governess and the Stalker - Late Nineteenth Century Mystery

Former governess now wealthy widow Michelle Devine has a big problem: a ragged ruffian threatens to kill her. Michelle goes to the police but that ends very badly for her. Michelle and her friend Paul Lawrence are left on their own, and Michelle must find who the ruffian is, why he is stalking her, how far he will go, and how she can stop him.

Set in London of 1879, this is a tale of a young woman badly wronged and that woman’s son, Jesse West, who was raised on a diet of hatred and despair. Jesse intends to kill the governess and her step-children so Michelle must deal with him. But how?

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Souls in Darkness - A Mystery Story set in Siberia

Souls in Darkness is the sequel to my first published novel The Red Sun Will Come. Australian Greg Anderson and his Russian wife Tanya Maloff sent gangster Alexsander Lukin to jail and are living safely in London. But the Russian mafia never forget, and Tanya's sister Dina and nephew Marik are kidnapped to lure Greg, Tanya and their friend Alisa Kirkarov to Russia. They know this is dangerous, they know they may pay with their lives, but they know they have no choice.

Once in Moscow Greg and Tanya must skirt the many traps that Lukin has set for them in order to rescue Dina and Marik. Only things go terribly wrong and their quest becomes a battle for survival in bleak and hostile Siberia. And if they survive, if they can defeat the ruthless henchmen Lukin set after them, what of their future? They brought a criminal to justice and still they live in danger. How can they rid themselves of a ruthless mass-murderer who has nothing to lose?

“The novel is interesting and topical. The recreation for an Australian audience of life in another country, particularly one as troubled as Russia, is very good. The representation of a marriage of two individuals between two cultures is interesting.” Margaret Innes - Author.

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The Red Sun Will Come - A Crime and Romance Story set in Moscow

“A real page-turner” - Monica Dennison, Literary Agent

The Red Sun Will Come is a story combining crime and romance, and which makes some interesting social comments. Australian journalist Greg Anderson lives in affluent Sydney where young men and women seem to have lost their ways, drifting into superficial relationships while lacking commitment to one-another. Frustrated and lonely, Greg Anderson knows it’s time for a fresh start.

Beautiful young Muscovite Tanya Maloff made a terrible mistake when she was too young to appreciate the consequences of what she did. When Tanya’s life spirals out of control she knows it’s time for a fresh start. But fresh starts are hard to come by, and the mistakes of her past almost destroy Tanya and her new Australian boyfriend, Greg Anderson.

“The story offers a cast of characters who find themselves embedded in the folds of an intriguing cross-cultural plot. The reader explores both international social and physical landscapes through a narrative propelled by the protagonist’s observations of a world where lives, ethnic differences, ideals and elements of corruption collide.” Lauren Elise Daniels Prose Editor, Interactive Publications.

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