Wednesday, 15 November 2017

In Our Memories

In Our Memories is one family's story of loss, suffering, and eventually justice.

By August 1915, the Armenian residents of the city of Urfa know they have few options.  With little to lose they wage war on the Ottoman Army for two months, despite being outnumbered eight to one.  Defeat is inevitable, after which Anoush Hagopian, one of the survivors of the Women's Brigade, gathers her mother and her children for their deportation to Aleppo.

Swiss doctor Paul Lang stands beneath nine young women crucified, while wondering who could do such a thing.  Unable to gather information about atrocities committed against the Armenian people, he decides on a course of action which will change his life.  In a brothel in a backstreet in Aleppo, he finds sixteen year old Karine Hagopian, who tells her story of courage and tragedy.  Together, Paul and Karine set off to find Karine's mother Anoush, but it's far from certain that Anoush survived the attempted extermination of her people.

The more time Paul spends with Karine, the more he's fascinated by her strength, her suffering and her vulnerability.  Equally fascinating is her heritage, which seems to have changed little over the past millennia.  Infatuated by Karine; Paul will devote his life to the rescue of the survivors of this terrible atrocity.

'Unforgettable story of love, loss and bravery.  Highly recommended' – Mary Parks, author of Secret Star.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No Darkness

What started as a work posting to Zimbabwe with his African girlfriend, becomes a life and death struggle against the forces of despot Robert Mugabe.  Michael Page had no idea that a simple misunderstanding would have such tragic consequences.

Set in 1999 when Zimbabwe is in a slow and inexorable decline, and the political scene is disturbed by a new opposition party which has a real chance of democratic victory.  Only a tyrant deliberately destroys his own country in order to retain power and control, and Michael and his girlfriend Cathy become embroiled in what is close to a civil war.  Can they make it out alive?  And even if they do, can they survive the psychological torment they have endured?

Well written, fast paced, wonderful characters, and the fascinating setting of a country in decline turned into a police state.  There is much to like in this interesting hybrid of action, thriller and romance. LaWrence - author of Skipping Stones along the Kitchi Sibri

Ebook and Print on Demand available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble.